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Stop struggling with diet plans you can’t stick to, carvings you can’t resist, feeling upset and defeated, not knowing how to get enough protein on a vegan diet while keeping carbs and fat low.

Stop wasting months or even years on training and dieting without getting results you want - despite working hard.

You want to feel good in your skin. You want to have more energy to move and perform. You want to get fit and healthy. You want to gain muscle, lose fat, become active and attractive.

You are at the point of decision.

You can either continue the path of frustration, the path you have already been travelling, or you can choose to book one of my programs and start seeing results in the next 2 weeks.

Weight loss consultation

You lack discipline to stick to a nutrition plan. You can’t keep your appetite under control and eat fewer calories. You have sweet cravings, cravings to stress and feel hungry straight after a meal. You eat too much of the wrong stuff in social situations. On some days you don’t know what and how much you should eat.

You want to feel good in your body, fit better in the clothes you like, look great in a bikini?

You want to be fitter, more active, healthier and live longer?

If so, my weight loss consultation will be a great jump start for you!

Book a weight loss consultation and get:

1. 25 min Skype session with me to discuss your goals and challenges
2. Individualised easy-to-follow guidelines check list

3. Meal plan and recipes

Make the payment of 50 GBP (equals to about $62.50 / 55 Euro) , fill out the form and you will hear back from me within the next 24 hours.

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If you have difficulties staying on track, are not confident what to eat and how to train, then my Basic Coaching Program is a good choice for you. It includes:

1. 45 min Skype session with me to discuss your diet, training and supplementation
2. guidelines and resources for your personal goals including

· meal plan

· training plan 

· easily applicable strategies for success

3. customized digital log book to track your progress and challenges in your life we can address
4. unlimited email exchange for 4 weeks 

Afterward you transition to a program that includes unlimited email exchange, regular adjustments to your diet and training, and regular feedback based on your digital log entries. 

The costs are $287 / €257 for the first month and $207 / €187 for the following months of the program

How to start:

Make the payment for the first month, fill out the form and you will hear back from me within the next 24 hours.

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Do you need a more intensive support because psychological factors, such as emotional eating or disordered eating behaviour, make it difficult for you to reach your goal? Then my Extended Coaching Program is the right choice for you:

1. Unlimited number of skype sessions with me to discuss your diet, training, and challenges (usually at least once a week for 1 hour or longer if necessary)

2. guidelines and resources for your personal goals including

· meal plan

· training plan

· easily applicable strategies for success

3. a customized digital log book to track your progress

4. weekly analysis of your lifting form and update of the training program 

5. weekly update of your meal plan (if necessary) and supply with new recipes

6. unlimited email exchange for the duration of the program (4 weeks)

The costs are $597 / €527 per month

How to start:

Make the payment for the first month, fill out the form and you will hear back from me within the next 24 hours.

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Can’t decide what program is the best for you?

Or drop me a line: anastasia@sciencestrength.net



"4 week update: I've lost 3.8 kg, 5.5 cm around my waist. I feel really strong, can increase my weight at almost every session. Now I can really believe that I can finally achieve my goals." - Melinda M.


"Even though she is on the other side of the globe, having Anastasia by my side has been an invaluable and incredible experience. I had barely lifted a dumbbell when I decided I wanted to start building muscle. Anastasia made it clear and enjoyable, and inspired me to continue my journey of strength and health. She took the stress out of diet and exercise, and allowed me to focus on achieving my goals. Anastasia made sure I knew exactly what I had to do - what I should eat and when, and how I should train. She made sure it would suit my circumstances and fit my personal preferences. She made me feel very important and that there was no question too stupid that I could ask. Her biochemist background and involvement as a competitive powerlifter adds to her credibility. I trust her completely and am forever grateful for how she has helped me. I am a stronger person on many levels because of her." - Beth C.


"Before I started working with Anastasia, performance-based nutrition was a mystery to me. Despite being a generally healthy eater, I wasn't making the gains I wanted. Anastasia's clear, thorough, and most importantly, science-based explanations and resources helped me understand how to better balance my diet and track my performance to ensure that I am progressing, both in my training and my aesthetic goals. Even while cutting weight, I have continued to make performance gains in all of my lifts.  

The best part about working with Anastasia is that she is extremely approachable and allowed me to move at my own pace, without feeling pressure to change habits faster than I was ready. Anastasia helped me move from very small nutritional substitutions to successfully tracking food, to developing my own nutritional choices based on items I have access to in Bangkok, to naturally adjusting my calorie intake on rest vs training days. Because of Anastasia's coaching method, my understanding of performance-based nutrition is now a sustainable process that I can continue on my own. 

After working with Anastasia, I feel much more comfortable and knowledgeable about making the choices that will continue to meet my goals - both at home and while traveling.  Thanks to Anastasia, I finally feel confident in my understanding of nutrition and how it can support my training, although I know there is always more to learn!" - Kim C. (Kim's blog)


"I love working with Anastasia!  I’ve been an amateur athlete all my life and involved in a variety of sports and extreme adventuring, but switching from bodybuilding to powerlifting has been the most challenging transition I have ever undertaken.  And, I am doing it at age 47 with two busted knees and during one of the most chaotic and stressful times in my life.  But, Anastasia has kept me focused and on track to reach my goals!  In just 6 months, I’ve made incredible gains in all of my lifts, and I feel fantastic!  Even though we’re an ocean apart, she is always accessible, always has creative suggestions that are truly workable options for real life, and is genuinely interested in my success as I define it.  I wanted to work with her because she is an accomplished vegan strength athlete and because her scientific approach to nutrition and training is what gets results.  I am sticking with her because she approaches her clients as individuals with unique lives and needs for guidance, and she motivates me to be the best that I can be.  I also love that she indulges me during our Skype sessions when I ask a million questions about the latest in training and nutrition research." - Nicole C.